Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seller Snafus

As you know, we've been searching for an apartment to buy in Jerusalem. Our search has taken us to all over the place - we've seen run down places in Katamon and gorgeous, newly renovated apartments in Baka. We haven't found the place for us yet, but today's apartment viewing takes the cake!

We looked at a 2 bedroom apartment in a gorgeous building on Rachel Imanu, located right next door to the Christian Embassy. While we were looking around, the owners were meeting with a real estate agent. She asked the owners about their price, which they have set at a whopping 1.9 million shekel.

The owners, IN FRONT OF US, say that they know the price is outlandish but they have it high in order to cover costs of expenses.

Now, that's just not smart. We walked out of there with a bad taste in our mouths and while, we firmly believe the sale price is up to the discretion of the owners, do me a favor and don't let the buyers know.

We keep looking!

Launch in 23 days!!

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